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The Craft & The Community: Cygnet's A Christmas Carol

Interviewing audience members post-show is such a treat - it's a way to hear what our friends and colleagues in the community think of the art that we create!

‘A Christmas Carol’ is a timeless classic, and I took a moment to chat with a few audience members after the show to get their thoughts on the production:

My thoughts?

  • There is so much to enjoy about this talented cast, including a delightful ensemble who portray a variety of characters with much energy and creativity!

  • The foley work, yet again, was extraordinary; not only is it quick and clean, but it adds both comedy and realism to the show.

  • The combination of verse from the original piece with irreverent comedy never gets old!

Cygnet's annual run of A Christmas Carol closed Dec. 24 - here is hoping it returns again next year!


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