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History Comes Alive Onstage with Oceanside’s Billie! Backstage with Lady Day

By Cassiopeia Guthrie, September 25, 2022

One part exposé, one part jazz show, and one part history lesson, Billie! Backstage with Lady Day brings iconic performer Billie Holiday to life at Oceanside’s Brooks Theater through October 2nd.

This musical, a one-woman show which features playwright/actor/vocalist Synthia L. Hardy as the music legend alongside pianist Woody Woods and jazz combo musicians Russell Bizzett, Dr. Marcus Wilcher, and Gedeon Deák, is in some ways a historic impersonation production more than a play, an approach that places the audience squarely in the 1950s...

Review now live at

Billie! Backstage with Lady Lady is now running at Oceanside's Brooks Theatre


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